Hey Bendu Fans!

I wanted to give an update on our operations, orders, and COVID-19. Some of you have mentioned to me you haven’t gotten enough updates about orders, and for that I do apologize. As we grow larger, it becomes harder to check orders and then reach out to customers and give out random updates. However, anyone at any time is welcome to send us a message and we will give you an update. We believe in communicating with our customers and I make a pledge to you that no matter how large we get, we will always respond to emails, calls, and messages on Facebook. Even if I have to hire an entire team to do it.

In the meantime, I will be sending out mass emails to all of our customers with a “State of the Armory” so we can give you all a peek inside what’s going on and what we are doing to move things along. That being said, let’s get down to brass tacks:

Lead Times

Order lead times for sabers have been pushed to 10-12 weeks. Right now, we are about 10 orders behind due to a supply shortage with emitters and LED strips. However, to rectify this I have invested in larger inventory orders to prevent backlogs from happening in the future. This can be a bit tricky due to available capital and storage space, but I am determined to drop our lead times down drastically, even if I store inventory in a storage unit and eat instant noodles for a year. Please bear with us as we get caught up. I promise we haven’t forgotten about anyone’s order and if you feel we have, please send me an email and I will track it down and give you an update.

We are also waiting on a huge shipment of LED strips and they come in on Monday the 26th. Once we get that set up, our blades should drop back down to 5-7 days and we will also be able to restock Ready to Ship blades.


Covid-19 made a massive surge in our small town, ranking us #1 in the nation for new cases per capita. As a result, a lot of our local suppliers have reduced hours and staff and that causes a lot of problems which leads to the above mentioned.

Shipping Costs 

USPS and UPS have both raised shipping prices. I didn’t want to increase our shipping prices so I decided to find where we can save money and keep shipping where it’s at currently. As such, we purchased our own bubble wrap packaging machine. Not only does it provide the team therapeutic bubble popping on demand, it’s lowered our cost from $0.30 a foot down to $0.03 a foot.

New Products

I’ve saved the best for last. As a lot of you know, we released our Ebon Flow saber a couple weeks ago. I wanted to give a PSA on this just in case someone was waiting on new weaves: You can order any weave with the Ebon Flow, just add it in the notes. As we get more of these made and pictures done, we’ll be able to add it to the website like we have for the Obsidian.

Now then, here’s the real news: In about 2 weeks, we will be releasing our first shoto sabers, the Andesite™ and the Feldspar™. This time around I am taking the top 3 weaves we sell and doing pictures of them instead of doing just black like the Ebon flow. (hint: the copper looks fantastic).

Final Thoughts

I wanted to take a moment and thank every single one of you. As I scour the interwebs, I see so many of you praising us for our work and that really means the world to us. My number one priority is making my customers happy and If you ever have any problems, please reach out to me personally at [email protected] and I promise I will get you taken care of.


Andrew Woods – CEO