All of our exclusive sound fonts are brought to you by Link at Repulse Collectables:

All sound fonts are smooth swing and optimized for the CFX, Proffie, and GHv3.


PIRACY NOTICE: DO NOT SHARE FILES OR LINKS. We have the ability to monitor download activity. We have worked very hard to bring this content to you so please respect piracy laws. 

Please create an account when purchasing sound fonts in order to continue to access the font download after purchase. If an account is not created, you will not be able to re-download your fonts and we will not be responsible for lost fonts.

NOTE: The sound package will have a CFX default config package, Proffie will have a default package though it’s not quite copy paste (yet) but requires minimal effort to get going. Golden Harvest has a copy past full package but because of how it works, the singular versions of the font will have no configs.

We have done our best to create configs for ease of installing, however, if you have any issues please refer to your respected sound boards user manuals regarding sound font installation.

We will continue to add new configs and features to the links in the future.



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