AT & AT-Shoto Package
AT & AT-Shoto Package
AT & AT-Shoto Package
AT & AT-Shoto Package
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Introducing our very first swappable aluminum sabers. The AT and AT-Shoto*, while not canon, are inpired from Ahsoka Tano's sabers in Clone Wars.  This sabers is machined custom for Bendu Armory by The Custom Saber Shop, which allows users to take advantage of the MHS system. The AT & AT-Shoto is swappable with the Sentry QuickSwap Chassis as well as our first generation QuickSwap Chassis.

The AT-Shoto is available with Tri-Cree RGB or *NeoPixel. NeoPixel and Tri-Cree blades come standard in thick (heavy) walled Polycarbonate. Each saber comes with TWO removable TrustFire 2400mAh batteries and a TrustFire Charging dock.

*NOTE: Due to the AT-Shoto's small size, only the sentry chassis is available for this model.

Additional information

Chassis Type

QuickSwap Sentry MK. II Core™ (Default)

Extra Black Accents

No Extra Accents (Default), Black Accents [Pommel Ring Cube/Bunny Ear] (adds $7)

LED System

TriCree LED RGB (Default), NeoPixel (adds $125), NeoPixel NO Blade(adds $49.95)


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