Adamite Saber Staff Sleeves
Adamite Saber Staff Sleeves
Black Adamite™ Saber Staff
Adamite Saber Staff Sleeves
Black Adamite™ Saber Staff
Black Adamite™ Saber Staff
Innegra S Obsidian™
Innegra S Obsidian™
Copper Adamite™ Saber Staff
Innegra S Obsidian™
Innegra S Obsidian™

Black Adamite™ Saber Staff



Introducing the Adamite™, our first saber staff. The Adamite™ was designed specifically for combat and flow users and as such is perfectly balanced. The Adamite™ utilizes our QuickSwap Core™ technology, the Sentry MK. II™ and is powered by the Crystal Focus 10.

If you already own  two QuickSwap Cores™, simply purchase the shell as a plug and play. If you own a single core, we have the option for purchasing 1 core to complete the set up. Or If you are new to our products you can purchase the complete kit with 2 cores and 2 blades. We also offer a option with just cores and no blades.

The hilt itself is 23 inches long.

*NOTE* We offer the Ebon Flow™ in every weave currently available in our other sabers. Simple add desired weave name into comment section. As we make more of these, we will update photos.

*NOTE* Standard blade length is 24.5 inches for a saber staff that stands 6tf tall. If you want different blade lengths, please specify in the notes.

Crystal Focus 10 Features:

  • Unlimited Sound Banks (Based on SD card limit)
  • Smooth Swing
  • RGB
  • On-Demand RGB color changing
  • Audio Player
  • RICE
  • NeoPixel (upgrade option)
  • 15 preloaded sound banks
  • Each sound bank has:
    • 16 clash sounds
    • 16 swing sounds
    • 4 blaster block sound
    • 2 Power off sounds
    • Lockup sound
    • 5 power on sounds
    • Programmable motion sensitivity
    • Flash on Clash
  • And many many more features!

The Ebon Flow™ is available with Tri-Cree RGB or PixelCore. PixelCore and Tri-Cree blades come standard in thick (heavy) walled Polycarbonate. Each core comes with TWO removable TrustFire 2400mAh batteries and a TrustFire Charging dock.

*NOTE: Pixel Cores only come with one 3120mAh capacity 3.7v 15A high drain battery (per core), which is specific to NeoPixel. The standard TrustFire batteries will not work.

All sabers are shipped with insurance.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in
Empty (Sleeve Only)

Yes, No


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