Ekoa Radium™
Ekoa Radium™
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Marbled Koruku Obsidian™
Marbled Koruku Obsidian™
Marbled Koruku Obsidian™

Ekoa Radium™

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Our Radium™ saber is handcrafted in the United States with aerospace-grade carbon fiber and is reinforced with a 1200 series steel emitter for superior strength and durability.

Introducing our latest in QuickSwap Core™ technology, the Sentry MK. II™. You can choose between Crystal Focus 10 (CFX) or Proffie 2.2 with our latest QuickSwap Core system.

QuickSwap Core Features (CFX & Proffie):

  • Lightsaber sound effects: Smooth Swing, Flash on Clash, Blaster Block, Lockup, Lightning Block, Stab/Tip Drag, Force Effects. (Please refer to your respective soundboard manual for instructions on how to activate these.)
  • BattlePixel pin setup (Tri-Cree RGB available on request)
  • KR 28mm 3w/4ohm High Bass Speaker
  • Premium soundfont set from Link @ Repulse, LLC.
  • Each soundfont has:
    • 16 clash sounds
    • 16 swing sounds
    • 4 blaster block sound
    • 2 Power off sounds
    • Lockup sound
    • 5 power on sounds
    • Programmable motion sensitivity
    • Flash on Clash
  • And many many more features!
  • RICE (for CFX cores only)

BattlePixel QuickSwap Cores come with one TCSS 3120mAh capacity 3.7v 15A high drain battery, which is specific to BattlePixel setups. A TrustFire charging dock is also included.

Tri-Cree RGB cores come with TWO removable TrustFire 2400mAh batteries and a TrustFire charging dock.

All sabers are shipped with insurance.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in
Empty (Sleeve Only)

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  1. Nathan Donovan

    I recently purchased the Ekoa Radium sleeve from Bendu Armory. When I received it last week, I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth, ergonomic, and elegant it was. The carbon-fiber weave on this model is a beautiful faux-wood, and the black CF designs around it are not bumpy or rigid at all. The entire sleeve is very smooth and comfortable to wield. The base of the hilt provides just enough of a flare to serve as a useful choke point. All in all, if you’re looking for a comfortable, 1 or 2 handed sleeve to use for regular dueling, I highly recommend this one.

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