1″ Heavy Grade Pixel Blade

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Our 1 " HEAVY GRADE Pixel Blades utilizes the latest LED technology, the same system components from The Custom Saber Shop allowing the user to utilizes our blades in TCSS and PlectorPixel systems.  Each blade is 36 inches in length (144 LED strips, trimmed to size.)  but can be sized per request, simply add your desired length in the notes during checkout.

We source our LED strips from the best companies, ensuring our LEDs are the brightest and most reliable on the market.

**We do not warranty blades with incompatible or incorrectly wired saber systems or the accompanying components or nor are we responsible for damage on systems.

***Data resistor is blade side. 

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in

6 reviews for 1″ Heavy Grade Pixel Blade

  1. Nathan Donovan

    I love Bendu Armory’s heavy grade Neopixel blades. I ordered one with my Black Obsidian which arrived in mid July, and I duel with this saber regularly. The blade holds up wonderfully; no dead spots, and the weight of the blade is nicely balanced on the saber. Definitely one of the better build neopixel blades on the market right now, and at a great price.

  2. Spencer Peterson (verified owner)

    Many manufacturers make Neopixel blades, and many are far more pricy than what Bendu Armor has, but do not let the price fool you. Just because you are paying less, it does not mean you are getting less. I’ve ordered 2 Heavy Grade Neopixel blades, 38 inches, and I could not be happier with my purchase. There is no noticeable drop in brightness compared to other, thin grade neopixel blades I have, yet have the extra durability for that peace of mind when swinging. The durability on them is also great, more than adequate to duel with and not worry on durability, even smacking these against metal with moderate force I saw nothing damaged. If you like the sanded look some places offer, these blades do not come sanded by default, but this can easily be fixed on your own, but I like mine unsanded.

    These blades are by far some of the best you can buy on the market right now and an amazing bang for your buck, considering some places have neopixel blades for over 50% more than this and don’t look much different in my experience. Definitely recommend and will be coming back here if I ever need more blades.

  3. Ankur Chakravarthy (verified owner)

    I ordered one for a Neopixel saber I built.

    Blade has been bashed against a few things – it is remarkably solid, and on camera it just looks stunning.
    No corn-cobbing, meaning that the density is good for even illumination.

    The only drawback is that it looks slightly glow-sticky IRL, but that is just trans-white blades for you and I don’t think Bendu Armory could do anything about it.

    Would recommend highly, especially when a discount is available!

  4. Stephen L (verified owner)

    Nice durable tube but still very bright. I ordered custom lengths and they were PERFECT.

  5. Eric Franklin (verified owner)

    This is probably the most solid blade I’ve ever felt. Rock solid, with nothing moving around inside. It’s taken a few hard hits and there are no dead spots in the LEDs and the illumination is bright and consistent. This is the best blade you can buy when you consider build quality and price.

  6. Tyler S (verified owner)

    These blades are great. They are nice and sturdy and glow brightly but the service is even greater! I had an issue with my order and Andrew was excellent in helping me. I highly recommend this product.

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