7/8 inch DP Blade™
7/8 inch DP Blade™
V3-BTF 1" Pixel Battle Blade

READY TO SHIP 7/8″ Pixel Blade

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These blades are already made and ship the same day!

Our 7/8 " LIGHT GRADE Pixel Blades utilizes the latest LED technology, the same system components from The Custom Saber Shop allowing the user to utilizes our blades in TCSS and PlectorPixel systems.  Each blade is 36 inches in length (144 LED strips, trimmed to size.)  but can be sized per request, simply add your desired length in the notes during checkout.

We source our LED strips from the best companies, ensuring our LEDs are the brightest and most reliable on the market.

Be advised: our blades are designed for deep emitters, as such some sabers with shallow blade holders may see some shadowing at the bottom base of the blade. This is not a warranty issue and will not be covered. The shadow is due to space needed for wiring.

**We do not warranty blades with incompatible or incorrectly wired saber systems or the accompanying components or nor are we responsible for damage on systems.

***Data resistor is blade side. 

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in

1 review for READY TO SHIP 7/8″ Pixel Blade

  1. Nathan Donovan

    I love Bendu Armory’s heavy grade Neopixel blades. I ordered one with my Black Obsidian which arrived in mid July, and I duel with this saber regularly. The blade holds up wonderfully; no dead spots, and the weight of the blade is nicely balanced on the saber. Definitely one of the better build neopixel blades on the market right now, and at a great price.

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