V2-KR 1" Pixel Show Blade
V2-KR 1" Pixel Show Blade
V2-KR 1" Pixel Show Blade

V2-KR 1″ Heavy Pixel Show Blade



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Our V2 -KR 1″ Heavy Pixel Show Blade Pixel Blades utilizes the KR v2 PCB LED strip and the same system components from The Custom Saber Shop allowing the user to utilizes our blades in TCSS and PlectorPixel systems. V2-KR blades ARE NOT rated for dueling and ARE NOT backed by our Combat Warranty. 

The heavy version of this KR blade is made for those who prefer a heavier blade for balance or feel. The heavy version is the same grade tube as our battle blades.

V2-KR blades are brighter, have less shadowing, and better colors than our V3-BTF blades.

We source our LED strips from the best companies, ensuring our LEDs are the brightest and most reliable on the market.

All of our blades now feature strips that are directly soldered to the PCB, increasing strength and making them ideal for sabers with shallow emitters.

Please note that our blades are made from TCSS blade tubes. TCSS set the standard for blade sizes. Each saber company has their own tolerances and definition of 1 inch and 7/8. As such, our blades may fit too night, tight, or loose on non Bendu Armory sabers and we are not responsible for making sure our blades fit every saber on the market and nor will this be considered a warranty item. As such, if you find your blade fits too tight, recommend sanding the base with 220 grit sand paper and then finishing with 400 for a smooth look. 

**We do not warranty blades with incompatible or incorrectly wired saber systems or the accompanying components or nor are we responsible for damage on systems.

***Data resistor is blade side. 

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in

35.5 = 135 pixels, 32.5 = 122 pixels


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