We’ve updated our warranty policy to make it more clear what is covered and what isn’t under our warranties. We have split it up in sections so it’s easier to understand what is covered.

The biggest change is the limited warranty regarding blades. We are pleased to announce HEAVY GRADE PIXEL BLADES are now warrantied for combat! That’s right, we are the first company to extend such a warranty:

Blade Limited Warranty covers defects in workmanship for the Product for a period of 90 days from the original shipping date from Bendu Armory, LLC.
Heavy Grade Pixel and Tri-Cree Blades are warrantied for saber combat. Saber combat is defined as saber to saber striking, such as dueling. The warranty DOES NOT cover abuse, neglect, misused, and/or accidents. Examples of abuse, neglect, misused, and/or accidents are, including but not limited to, striking non-saber blade objects such as trees, metal poles, or your little brother. This warranty also does not cover striking the tip of the blade on the ground.
Light grade and 7/8-inch Pixel and Tri-Cree blades are not warrantied for combat.
Warranty cannot be transferred.