The website has received its final facelift and navigation overhaul along with mobile optimization. As you navigate the new website, you’ll notice a huge improvement to the overall aesthetics of the site. Next, we overhauled site navigation by placing all of the products on a centrally located page with tabs. This enables you quickly view all of our products and prevent being overwhelmed. Lastly, we optimized the site for mobile use. We felt this was the biggest improvement since the vast majority of our customer use their phones to make purchases.

In the near future we will be revamping build out options for sabers. This will include a drop down menu to select blade lengths (yay no more having to put in notes!), add blade plugs, accessories, etc.

We hope you like the changes and as always feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you fell we are missing something or there a problem with the website!