Gold Reflections Rhodium
Gold Reflections Rhodium
Gold Reflections Rhodium

Gold Reflections Rhodium

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The Rhodium™ is handcrafted in the United States with aerospace-grade carbon fiber and is reinforced with a 1200 series steel emitter for superior strength and durability.

Introducing the new QuickSwap™ Gladiator Core. 

New features:
  • KeepPower 5000mAh 21700 Battery
  • New reinforced battery terminals, eliminating the possibility for battery disconnections during combat
  • Thumb hole for easy battery removal
  • New board location and wire pathing that hides wires even more
  • Easier access to SD card and USB ports
  • Artwork and labeling
  • Backwards compatible with all sleeve

QuickSwap Core™ Sound Board Features (CFX & Proffie 3.9, Golden Harvest v3):

  • Lightsaber sound effects: Smooth Swing, Flash on Clash, Blaster Block, Lockup, Lightning Block, Stab/Tip Drag, Force Effects. (Please refer to your respective soundboard manual for instructions on how to activate these.)
  • 7-pin Pixel
  • KR 28mm 3w 4ohm High Bass Speaker
  • Premium soundfont set from Link @ Repulse, LLC.
  • Each soundfont has:
    • Clash sounds
    • Swing sounds
    • Blaster block sound
    • Power off sounds
    • Lockup sound
    • Power on sounds
    • Programmable motion sensitivity
    • Flash on Clash
  • And many many more features!
  • RICE (for CFX cores only)

*Special Note* Proffie v3.9 boards are sent with default programming and may require blade length adjustments.

What's in the box:

  • (1) KeepPower 5000mAh 3.7v 15A High Drain Battery
  • (1) KeepPower charging dock
  • (1) CoverTech Wheel
  • Blade and Chassis retention hardware
  • Allen Key Set

Every carbon fiber sleeve is 100% unique due to the unique nature in which carbon fiber is made; there can and will be some slight variations in the cosmetics, including but not limited to, slipped weaves, slipped accent pieces, resin voids, (these can look like scratches), resin pooling, noticeable seam lines, or wrinkles in the fabric (this is more obvious is white fabrics like the DATA the weaves.) These items and others like it ARE NOT covered under warranty.



Weight 1lbs 10 oz
Dimensions 12 in x 1.4 in

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